Why I disabled Ad Blocker for YouTube


Ad blocker is an incredible extension for chrome that let’s me browse sites without popups or annoying ads that can make unnecessary noise or get in the way of my viewing pleasure. It does however, remove any money that the content producer might get from their website.

After I started making videos, I gained an appreciation for the hard work that these guys put into their content… and I started to feel bad. I had been taking hard earned dollars away from my favorite YouTubers! That’s just not fair.

So the first thing I did was turn it off.

Just in case you haven’t made the videos yourself, this is how it goes:

1. Planning stage

Businessman and woman discussing on stockmarket charts in office


This is where you plan weeks in advance. A lot of YouTubers film multiple times a week which is not as easy as you think. You need to write out your plan for the video, from intros, to timelapses, to main content and even teasers of new content.

2. Filming

Old rangefinder camera and black-and-white photos on the old wooden table.


Filming doesn’t ever go the way you expect it. Having the skill to bring your plans to life is something that deserves a reward. They pay for expensive editing software, computers to do the work and the gear to get you footage and audio that is enjoyable to watch.

3. Backing it up

Great content doesn’t grow on trees. For some of these guys it comes naturally but for others it doesn’t. Either way, some guys work 70-80 hours a week with a full time job and their YouTube careers.


So let’s not skip every ad we see, especially for the smaller YouTubers out there. They don’t make a lot from their channels and they do it because they love to create content that you will get to enjoy.

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