Slowing Down Your Dog’s Eating | Slow Feeder and How To


Owning a golden retriever is like owning a vacuum that can do suck things up whenever it likes and deposit the remains where it feels is best. This means that food can disappear before they’ve even had a chance to chew or taste and that is not the healthiest thing for a person or a dog.

So here we have a few ways that you can reduce the speed that your dog eats:

Purchase a special slow feeder

This has to be one of the most effective ways to get your dog to slow down. These bowls are designed to be a maze that they need to navigate in order to eat their dinner.

For some dogs this means a 5 second meal can be extended out to 5 minutes with the added bonus of training them to eat slower. It also serves to make mealtime a little bit more stimulating for your furry friend!

Buy slow feeder 

Place a golf ball in between the food

Placing an object in the food that the dog won’t eat is another effective way to force them to eat slower. You are basically making them work around something to do this and therefore they will take more time. This won’t be as effective as the slow feeder however.

Split the food into smaller portions in a muffin tin

We all have a muffin tin at home, so why not make use of this as a new feeding bowl? All you need to do to make this work is to spread the same amount of food across the muffin tin. Simple right?

If you don’t think this slows them down enough you can add a tennis ball to the tin so they need to move that before they can eat. This is still quite fun for you and for them with the bonus of giving them a tennis ball at the end!

Hand feed your dog

Hand feeding your dog forces your dog to eat slower purely because you can control how quickly they eat. This method also serves to teach your dog that no one is going to take their food from them which will inherently slow down their eating.

All of the above is great with the real benefit of your dogs health. So ensure that you slow your dogs feeding down so they don’t bloat, overeat or cause themselves damage through excessive speed eating!


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