Ollie and Toby get an early Christmas present from Olly’s Box!


We have asked for and received a 10% off code for you guys! Code: JoshandOllie

http://www.ollysbox.com.au/product/fu… – Instagram plush! I have a photo of Ollie with one from when he was a puppy.

Full disclosure: We are NOT getting any money from this. This is just to help you guys get a nice gift 🙂

It’s really exciting when you get your dogs gifts but it is extra exciting when they get to discover and open the gift themselves. Letting Toby and Ollie search through the box made for some interesting fun as you see them pick out there favorite toys.

Understanding that all dogs, especially golden retrievers need attention, stimulation and lots of love is important. A lot of people will think that there dogs can just live with the simple day to day life of pats, food and sleep. In truth though, dogs need extra mental stimulation to make sure that they stay happy and healthy.

Early Christmas present for the boys from Olly’s Box

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