He was so little !!


Omg I can’t believe that in 2 months he has changed so much! I want him to be the little furball that we picked up which we could hold on one arm and was so quiet that he slept on my belly all day.

Now, it’s not all bad. Now he has had all his injections and he is still goddam cute. Seriously though… look at the cutie above. The best part of him now being over 4 months old is that we can take him to do all his first things, first time at the beach, first treat and his first road trip. It’s fun to watch them grow up with the attitude they develop and the personality that comes with it.

For anyone that has met him, they first see an overexcited ball of fluff that picks up a toy and cries with over excitement. Then they watch him progress into a cuddly little man that just needs your attention.


Bit of a flashback to the first time we brought him home though!


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