Golden Doodle lives on a Super Yacht – Benetti Delfino 93


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It isn’t every day that you get to spend time on a super yacht and it isn’t every day you see a golden doodle. So seeing the two together is rare indeed! You’d be surprised to hear that this one lives on a 93ft Benetti Delfino, one of only a handful in the world. He gets pampered, loved and even the crew seem to want to give him love above and beyond a simple pet.

Let’s talk about the super yacht:

The Mary Rose is a Delfino class ship and classified at 93ft before the garage opens, extending the duck board. She was one of the first in the world to have multi colored LED’s changing to any defined color that you can think of! Not only does this happen on the exterior of the boat, it happens on the interior, in the rooms and also in the shower!


She was one of the first yachts with rgb leds, allowing multiple colors over the entire ship. This is a time lapse of the Mary rose 🌹 #benetti #superyacht #benettiyachts #timelapse

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Here are a few more images of the gorgeous Mary Rose – Benetti Delfino 93


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