Four Dogs Ran Rampage While I was Out! | Vlog 3


It’s hard to get yourself out of the house knowing that you left 4 fur babies inside. The first mistake was the end of that sentences… leaving 4 puppies in my living room. I’d done it before and nothing happened, so it should be fine, right?

Not right

I could not have been more wrong. Floyd, the black German Shepherd, was going through his awkward lanky stage. This means he barely knew how long his legs were and running into things was a normal occurrence. So when I get home to find that the dogs had knocked over a pot plant, spread it around, eaten the plant across 2 different dog beds, then taken a Sh** all over the dirt? I ended up losing it!


By losing it, I mean I yelled and kicked them out to the backyard. Still, I had to figure out the best way to clean it up. At least I know that they understand that dirt or grass is where they are meant to do their business!

Lesson learnt. Don’t trust puppies.

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