Feeding Golden Retrievers Corn


It’s always a good idea to google something before you try and do something fun. We gave our boys corn, looking to watch them shred the corn like little machines, not realising that if they took it off me and ate the cob that we could be doing them some serious harm! So from uploading a video to today, we have learnt a lot.

I have to say, the knowledge bombs you get on YouTube are one of the best things about having a subscriber base that cares. Sometimes it can be really harsh and people can make you think that you are the worst dog owner ever… but the truth is, they just don’t want to see your furry friend get hurt. Two of these are below:


The truth is, I don’t know everything… even though I might be someone who is on the internet with a keyboard.

Why is corn bad for dogs?

Corn cobs can cause intestinal obstruction, a very serious (and potentially fatal) medical condition. Additionally, some dogs are sensitive to corn and can suffer intestinal effects from that as well as the physical obstruction. It is wise to keep all cobs away from your dog, safely secured in the trash.

So straight away you see that a dogs inability to process corn can quickly cause huge levels of damage that we don’t want to have happen. I would say, give your dogs corn occasionally, don’t let them have the cob and supervise them if you think they could get their hands on one!


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