A wild Golden Retriever Appeared! | VLOG #4


I found a dog!

Well, it was delivered to my front door because they assumed he was mine. He looks like he was about 3-5 years old, golden retriever and absolutely beautiful. I nearly kept him!

There were calls in the comments of the video for me to keep him, however I don’t think that is fair. The owners obviously loved him because he was well groomed, but it seems that he has managed to slip his collar. The next step was to find the owner, after filming him for a while of course.

So I headed to the vet. I’m not sure if the dog didn’t like driving or if he was just scared because he didn’t know me, but getting him into the service GLA was a bit of work. (my c63 was getting serviced so I had a fun little GLA 250 to run about in).

The end of this had him at the vet where they had tried to contact the owners through the microchip details. Unfortunately those details were out of date which meant that the council had to be involved. Unfortunate because I was hoping that taking him to the vet would spare the owners a fine. Still though, this beautiful boy has made it back to his family and I couldn’t be more happy.

There’s nothing better than saving an animal as he would have been run over by a car with his tendency to run onto main roads.

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